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If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?

Toddler Thursdays 10

Scene:  H dressing up Du. His jeans is about to fall off and H decides its best Du wears a belt. Du puts on one reluctantly and is trying his … Continue reading

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Toddler Thursdays 9

Scene: H busy experimenting with his new camera. It cost a fortune and it is more important to him than his heart, I believe. 😀 Du comes running to him … Continue reading

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Are you an ambivert?

    Asked whether I am an introvert or an extrovert, I usually find myself struggling with this question. I have traits of both, I feel. And recently I found … Continue reading

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Toddler Thursdays 8

Scene: Flaunting my new hairstyle before the boys. I can see love in H’s eyes. Du looks confused. He stays away from me; lingers near H for a while. Time … Continue reading

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Toddler Thursdays 7

Scene: We are at the breakfast table- me and Du. He points to a picture in the newspaper and asks me who that is. I tell him (in all style)- … Continue reading

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A chilly Saturday evening

When the Creator was in a mood to paint.. It was cold, and dusk had an eerie feeling to it, like the anxiety and fear darkness brings. But for a … Continue reading

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Journey to…

Cochin. Every Bangalore-Cochin trip was fun. Absolute fun. I rarely traveled alone. I would be with my usual set of friends. And we giggle and laugh and joke and rock … Continue reading

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Toddler Thursdays 6

Scene: Lazy H sprawled out on the couch. Du running around as if there is no tomorrow. H to Du: “Can you fetch my phone please? It’s on the table.” … Continue reading

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The course of an argument

Pleasant evening. H is back from work. Me and Du are playing, chit-chatting. We are all in a good mood. Nothing could possibly go wrong!! Or so I thought! 😀 Suddenly, … Continue reading

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Toddler Thursdays 5

Scene: Du is fussy at the breakfast table. Me trying to feed him and myself simultaneously. Breakfast is dosa and chutney. He sees me pulling out a small piece for … Continue reading

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Journey to…

Switzerland. Swiss. I love travelling. And I’ve traveled a bit, before I got tied down with my domestic stuff. Hope to continue soon. Switzerland. It is one of the most … Continue reading

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It breaks my heart…

To even think of this. And though my body is dead tired and the mind even more tired, I pull on, hoping that this isn’t that last time.:(

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One of the big firsts

There are a lot of firsts in a person’s life. And when that person is a child, the firsts are kinda near-spaced. It was only yesterday that my baby first … Continue reading

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Toddler Thursdays 4

Scene: 6-year-old S & 2-year-old Du in deep conversation. Conversation transitioning to an argument, a bigger argument, tearful argument and finally silence. 6-year-old S was asked why she was sobbing? She was … Continue reading

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