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If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?

I’m back

i'm back

Can’t say I’m back really. I’m in the midst of a vacation (vacation – only because I am out of the country and not doing my usual set of house-keeping and husband-nagging, but the rest is the same!) and can’t really find time to write. Since April I’ve been caught up on time. There was Du’s birthday, a round of illness (which kept coming back round and round) and then my new baby (my food blog) and that just summed up the time from April to August.

Toddler Thursdays have gone for a toss. And so is my sanity. My toddler is out-growing his toddler stage and walks about hanging ‘mischief’ over him. He has a very faithful companion in his brother (who is still an infant) who giggles and leaps at every act of his big brother. The two are a pure joy to watch (only and only when they are sleeping!!).

Caring for two children (and their needs; wants) consumes just about all of my time. The very less of what is left out- I try to catch back my sane moments. I talk to my mom or my friends and find solace in the fact that even they have gone through the same (or are going through).

I had hoped to revamp the site and get back into active blogging. But now I realize that’s too far a dream. One post a month should be good enough, I guess. 🙂




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