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If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?

Toddler Thursdays 16


We are rushing off to receive a guest at the airport, very early in the morning. I finish off some last-minute works and get into shower. I come out and am busy blow drying my hair. I see H coaxing Du to put on his shorts. Wait a minute, this was the same scene that I saw before I got in for the shower! Oh God!! :S Toddlers, I tell you!! 😀

I am almost done. I hurry to put on my watch and earrings and all.

In the process the dryer falls down. Du startled at the noise stops (his 100 m dash across the room, non stop) and asks – “what is that? what happened”. I tell him- “Uhh..nothing, the dryer fell down”. H annoyed at unsuccessful attempts at dressing up Du blurts out – “It’s coz of you running around. You are not wearing your shorts.That’s why the dryer is there on the ground now!”.

This sharp-headed progeny of ours immediately shoots back- “If I wear my shorts, will the dryer get up?”

It isn’t a back-answer or sarcastic response. It is his innocent 2-year-old genuine curiosity!

We laugh our heads off for a good while and obviously we are late to the airport!! 😛


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