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Toddler Thursdays 14


There are times when Du drives me up the walls (which is most of the time!!). But there are times when I feel he is a daaaarlliiinngg. And my heart goes goo-goo-gaa-gaa over him. 🙂

This is his recent hobby. Striking with his forefinger. Anything he sees, even if it’s a big block or a teeny-weeny dust particle, he gets ready to strike. I guess he picked up the hobby from school.

The other day, as he was eating, a bread crumb fell onto the sofa. I saw his face light up; his mouth widening to a naughty smile. His eyes twinkling with mischief and his whole self bubbling with an urge to strike it off the sofa edge onto the floor. Me, being the righteous mother, told him not to do it and to pick it up and throw it in the dustbin.

I saw him take position and aiming to hit the crumb onto a toy car lying nearby. For a second, he looked up and announced- “Amma, I’ll strike. And, then I’ll pick it up and throw it.” And he was smiling away. I understood that he couldn’t resist himself.

I let him do it. And he hit his target. He did as he promised. We both chuckled- him at his victory and me in relief that he did obey!! 🙂


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