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Toddler Thursdays 12

I happened to come across this and so true! Couldn’t help laughing out loud! 😀 And I remember every instance when my toddler did each one of these.


1. Du sleeps with his head on a low pillow but his legs over a big pillow and a quilt that’s 5 times bigger than him and his arms around a teddy bear that is 3/4th his length. And no, he doesn’t agree to anything other than this!! :X

2. He loves running about in his underwear and he thinks I love running behind him, when all I want him to do is get dressed. He’s outgrown his love for shoes now, but at around 18 months, he loved the underwear-shoe combination. 😀

3. Well, not exactly a cape, but he loves putting a blanket over his head and pretending that he is invisible. 😛

4. Oh God! Nothing can beat this! If it’s butter chicken or appam, my toddler can have it any number of times, any time of the day, even in his sleep!! 😀

5. Oh my! I don’t know what happens to him when it’s potty time. His vocal chords just go out-of-control. He screams (as in sing or talk loudly), and worse, he wants me or H to give him company while he does maximum damage around! God alone save the shower pipes and curtains!! :S

6. Uh-Oh! This has happened more than once and I’ve gone through some embarrassing moments. Well, not about their appearance, but he has openly said it on their faces that he doesn’t like them. And he just turns his face away! So rude! :X

7. Yea, he does love putting up a show if he feels we are watching him. It’s usually the kind of tribal dance or Zumba steps, let’s say. And his favorite number is ‘I like to move it, move it’. 😀

8. Du is crazy about bubble baths. And weekends we just allow him to soak up and wet the whole bathroom. Coz bath time for him is throwing water all around!! :O Yea, and he lies in the bath tub as if he is in the pool!! Cool and relaxed! <I cannot fit an entire leg and hand of mine!! Oh, I forgot I had two!!> 😛

9. The time when he started to draw. He scribbles something, holds it up for me to see, and calls- ‘Amma’?? The call sounds urgent and demanding ‘an instant word of praise’. I go -‘Very good, Du’. He beams and marks another line or comma or a squished egg and again- ‘Amma??’ 😛

10. Oh gosh! Absolutely true! He loves the burst mode and if by a grave mistake, I happen to leave my cellphone with him for a minute, it gets filled with his selfies, either his nostrils or his beaver teeth or just his chin!! 😀

11. This doesn’t require a special mention, I guess. Ever since he started to move about (that is like, 6+ months), we’ve had him like this. Luckily, I get the face. Poor H gets the feet always!! Lucky breastfeeding diva me!! 😀

12. This has again happened many-a-times. I remember this one incident at Sree Krishna Sweets, Ernakulam. I picked up my favorites and were billing them, when Du made his way to the shop. I am not very fond of Jalebis and so very conveniently forgot them!! 😀 But Mr.Jalebi-die-hard-fan comes and walks straight up to the glass cabinet and drools at the bright orange, ghee-laden jalebis. The sweet lady at the counter, hands him 2 jalebis in a plate and gets ready to pack some, as she knew I would buy half a kilo for this drool-er of mine!! 😀

13. Thank the management at Lulu (the supermarket) for those car trolleys. Mr.Smart-driver thinks he’s driving a Ferrari. You should see him handle the steering and making his way through the crowd. Bigger Scene- H trying hard to push the trolley with all the stuff and excited Du in it!! 😀


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