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If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?

Another Valentines day…

Valentine’s day is well celebrated in our home. As in, we fight royally!! 😀 I have no clue how this happens every year. But on this day, we just happen to pick up the silliest of topics and turn it into an argument, and the story continues. For the unromantic couple we are, valentines day has never been flowers or chocolates or mushy-mushy writings or dinners or surprise lunches or even gifts! The most pleasant memory I have of a valentine’s day is a lunch together with H. 😛

So this year, I made a conscious effort to not indulge in such heart-wrenching actions and decided on putting a cheerful start to the day. After all, it was a weekend! I had it planned weeks before. I would make a quilling design and a fondant cake. But as I said, with the Valentine’s fever around, we have a tendency to fight and this time we started 2 days earlier. 😀 So I couldn’t get the stuff I wanted for the fondant. But the quilling I had started, thank God! 😀 About 2 weeks in advance. Every day I would do a little- maybe 1 or 2 flowers. The kids fell sick in between and there were days when I couldn’t do at all. But in the end, I managed to put together a design.

A little about quilling- It is an art form that involves rolling, shaping and gluing together strips of paper to make decorative designs. There are a few basic shapes and with these, you can create almost any design. You use a quilling needle (rolling-pin) to create these. And then you shape them and finally glue them in the desired manner. It’s interesting that in the 18th century, in Europe, gentle ladies practiced this art which they thought wasn’t too hard or too taxing for their gentle minds. Wow!! Yea, it doesn’t require brains really. But you need ‘patience-to-the-moon-and-back’, and a skill for working with your fingers. I started off a little clumsy but picked up on the way!! 😀

So this is it, my piece of art. And H loved it. 😀 <blushing>


And I did get my gift as well. Of course, not from H. But from the apple of my eye. 😀 Post soon coming up in Toddler Thursdays. 😀


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