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The Spirit of Christmas!!


Less than a week left till Christmas? Are you ready? Have you got your stock of baked goodies? Have you planned your D-day? It is the 21st already and the whole world is in a festive mood. Half of the world is making its way home. The other half is shopping.

You can’t walk into a mall (Can’t help it; I’m a Dubaiite!! :P) and get out without spending a single penny, either on loved ones or treating yourself, Just about every store has a SALE board in front of it! You can see families shopping together. Parents picking up gifts for their children, couples  eyeing gifts for each other to be picked up later, friends exchanging gifts etc. Its all about presents and pampering and feasting. Of course, Christmas would seem incomplete without all these, but, what is the real spirit of Christmas!?

This sentiment – the true meaning of Christmas – has changed commercially over time. The American pop-culture has given its share to this transformation. The American magazine, vol. 28 (1889) quoted this sentiment as:

           “to give up one’s very self — to think only of others — how to bring the greatest happiness to others — that is the true meaning of Christmas”.

I feel this has been twisted to somebody’s convenience. Some philanthropist maybe! 😀 Christmas is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the celebration of His nativity. But much more, the celebration that the Son of God took birth as an earthly being. Just like we remember His sacrifice on The Cross through Holy Communion, Christmas is His promise that we are His Children and that God sent His Son (Himself)  to take the form of man on this earth. It is the celebration of His deity.

For a major part of the world’s population, Christmas has no legitimate meaning at all. It has reduced to turkey, booze, gambling, holidaying etc. In fact, as I’ve mentioned a hundred times before, every bit of our lives is fascinating only when we are children. As children, Christmas is mostly the fun involved. We spend a big deal of time setting up our Christmas tree and adorning it so beautifully. But lest do we know what each item signifies. It is important that we teach our children that Christmas isn’t Santa and presents. 🙂 <This is truly my perception and I would be ok if you wanna laugh at it!! :D>

santas1. Star


It is the most attractive piece on a Christmas tree. It signifies the Heavenly promise that the world would have a Savior. The three wise men found their way to baby Jesus with the help of the brightly lit star.

2. Candle


The candle symbolizes that Christ is the light of this world. It is only through Him that we can remove darkness and fill our lives with light.

3. Wreath


The wreath symbolizes real love; one that is ever lasting and unconditional.

4. Holly leaf


It stands for immortality. The red berries symbolize the blood shed by Christ and the leaf the crown of thorns worn by Him.

5. Gifts


It symbolizes the greatest gift of all- The Son of God.

6. Bell


Lost sheep are brought back by the tinkling of a bell. It’s the same with humanity. The bell symbolizes return, repentance and guidance.

7. Santa


Finally, the Santa, who is remembered with his sleigh, reindeer and a big sack hung over his shoulder. Santa represents generosity and good will.

It is good to celebrate generosity and good will during the Christmas season. My point is- you don’t need a particular day for it! Christmas is ‘Happy Birthday Jesus! Thank you for being there in my life!’ If however, you think you cannot share and rejoice than on a Christmas day, go ahead, suit yourself. I’m sure Mr.Jesus would love it as well!! 😉

Merry Merry X’mas!! 🙂


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