Quintessentially Yours..

If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?

True blue malayalee…



There is nothing that pisses me off than pretending to be somebody whom I am not. I don’t even understand why people go through the trouble of trying to make-believe they are someone else! Probably it’s that inferior feeling that acts!


I am a Malayalee and am damn proud of it. 🙂 🙂


(I detest the word “mallu”, mainly because I hear it so often  from Malayalees who dislike them being so). This statement comes along with a lot of stereo-castes. Here are some questions that are commonly shot at me, which would put you to laughter as well:


1. You use the same coconut oil that you apply on your hair, for cooking , right!!??

Ans: Yes, after I use it for cooking, whatever is left, I apply it on my hair (the burning oil) ! 😛

Truth: I use canola/ extra virgin olive oil/ virgin coconut oil for cooking. I use one of those herbal oils for my hair. Of course, the base is coconut oil.


2. Why do all mallu men have thick moustaches!?

Ans: Because they all have a tremendous outburst of hair growth overnight and they are so damn lazy to groom themselves into the pencil mouches! All of them! 😀

Truth: Oh cmon! Most mallu men I know try out different styles of wearing a mouche during different phases of their lives. This has nothing to do with being mallu. Every guy goes through this kinda transformation, I guess.


3. Isn’t banana chips bad for your health? You guys have so much of it!

Ans:  Yes, we have banana chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, we are all obese and all of it is due to the chips.

Truth: Unless you are really somebody who runs a banana chips shop, you wouldn’t be having banana chips everyday. I have it twice a year maybe- for Vishu & Onam.


4. Why do you always speak in your mother tongue?

Ans: We don’t know any other language.

Truth: You can never express something better than in your mother tongue. (C’mon, what can beat- “Adipoli” or “Kidu” or “Aliya, polichu!!”  or “Thenga kola” or “Natesha, kollenda” or “Prakasha, Polandine parayaruthu”) 😛 😛


5.Is Kerala really God’s own country??

Ans: Yes, absolutely. 🙂

5.A Is it better than Swiss?

Ans: In some ways, yes. It’s naturally very green.

5.B I don’t believe you!

Ans: :O :O :O Okie

Truth: We are trained to believe that Switzerland is the most beautiful place on earth. It is awesome, I agree! But Kerala is beautiful too. It is God’s own country.


As a Malayalee, these are some stuff that I just love about myself:


1. For one, I can read, write and speak Malayalam (I have a friend who turned down a proposal because the guy speaks fluent Malayalam!! Imagine! 😀 I would never marry a guy who can’t speak my mother tongue! )


2. I can perfectly sing “Harivarasanam” or “Aalaayaal thara venam” knowing that it isn’t the prayer song that we sing at school. (Please don’t fall off your chair 😀 :D- Yes, I know someone who told me she thought ‘aalayaal thara venam’ was something we sang at the school assembly. I think she mistook it for ‘akhilanda mandalam aniyichorukki’). 😛 😛


3. I can drape a sari perfectly in less than 5 minutes. (Ok, this is not about being a mallu. It’s about being Indian!) I can wear the traditional set-mundu and carry myself really well!! (This is about being mallu.) 😀 😀


4. I can cook the Ona -sadya (yes!! with all the important dishes.) Sadya varies as we move across the state. Mine would be the Central Travancore one! And I’m slowly moving over to the Malabar side. But then I cook the Malabar Chicken Biriyani also quite well 😛


5. Yesudas and Chithra are the first singers known to me and till-date I don’t think there have been substitutes. (My dad is a die-hard fan of Padmasree Dr.K.J.Yesudas and it was impossible not to pick up all his favorite songs. I can sing old Malayalam songs, dating back to the 60s and 70s. Ok, maybe not sing; maybe attempt to sing.) 😀


6. I know all the 14 districts in their correct order from south to north. 😀 (I should be kicked if I didn’t know this. But try asking this to some Malayalee, you know, and then you’ll know why I put this up!! :P)


There is no hard-and-fast rule about being a Malayalee, let’s say. It’s all about your mindset. It’s all about your roots. It’s about how mature you are to accept yourself.





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